Everything you need for your luxury bedroom.

Beds, linens, covers, quilts, accent pieces.

Designed in Milano.

Handcrafted by Italian artisans with the best all-natural materials.
Giovanbattista Frugone, a Genoese merchant, founded the company in 1885. He began selecting the best wool flock and distributing it in the sophisticated markets of England and Northern Europe.

Decades later the company began trading in other high quality fibers like angora, silk and cashmere, establishing a direct presence in their places of origin: the Far East, China and Mongolia.

Then in the 1990s the company decided to extend its scope and to establish control over the whole process, from the bow to the yarn and, soon after that, from the yarn to the weaving and production and sale of sweaters.

Since its foundation the company has always been controlled by the Frugone and Sobrero families, now in their fourth generation at the helm of Frugone1885.
What is the purpose of sleeping if you cannot dream?
Frugone1885 is the brainchild of Chiara Mennini and Stefano Sobrero, two life-long friends from Genova.

Together they have decided to join the respective areas of competence in order to design and manufacture high-end bedding furniture and fittings with a unique proposition:

great design, high quality natural materials, superb execution.
Our bedding represents the ultimate luxury: sleeping well in a space where all components are part of a harmonious project and can change through time without losing their unique character.

Italian design marries the idea of couture, emphasizing the value of the fabrics which are used to dress the bed and the bedroom with fashionable clothes.

All materials we use for our products, including the padding, are custom selected and completely natural: 100% cashmere, 100% silk, alpaca, silk and bamboo for pads and bed quilts.

Every piece of furniture and fitting is handmade and can be completely customized in form, size and colors.
Each product is conceived and designed as part of a unique project in which form, texture and materials create a different way of living the bedroom:

a place in the innermost part of your home where you can savor the things that enrich and make you enjoy your life.
All-natural materials are the best you can use because they help regulate body temperature and allow a bed to breathe.

This is why our beds use only natural materials such as New Zealand wool, horsehair, natural flax and Mongolian cashmere. We not only track the exact origin of our cashmere but also the season in which it was sheared.

Starting with the flock and ending with the fabric, we exercise tight control over all the supply chain in order to bring you the best materials ever.
We started with the idea of dressing the bedroom like you would dress a person. In both cases you need to think about human body and its interactions with the environment.

You can dress your bedroom with different clothes, according to the seasons: winter clothes are warm and soft, in cashmere and silk; summer clothes are made of fresh linen and natural materials.

Tailored clothes, delicate and sumptuous, whose cut and finish inherit both from the world of fashion and from that of design.
Our bedrooms will age beautifully and hold their value, both fashionable and timeless.
Over the years we have selected a small group of artisans who have been handed down their expertise and secrets for generations. Each of them represents the excellence in his field.

It takes more than 8 hours of labour to assemble and hand-sew a mattress, which has 4 layers of cotton, wool and cashmere surrounding the spring system.

Since each piece is hand-made, we can provide unique tailored products that perfectly fit our clients’ wishes.